About Us

"...The ULTIMATE customer experience..." - 24/7/365

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PWS Global Headquarters are in Hanover, MD.  We operate offices and partnerships throughout the world specifically focused on providing innovative supply chain solutions. 

Our strengths come from our blend of industry experience, commitment to quality,  diversity and a philosophical commitment unmatched by our peers. 

We maintain a nimble staff that is trained to handle the mundane to the most difficult logistical challenges the world has to offer.

"...Facilitate the creation of new, sustainable business..."

More than service is our care for the environment we live and work in.  Bottom line profits are not  remotely a primary objective of our operation. 

Our first focus is utilizing our position in the industry to promote responsibile business practices that help combat the environmental crisis that has been created by years of unsustainable and careless corporate and governmental decisions.  

This focus on improving the livelihood of our staff, families, vendors and clients creates an environment of enhanced employee awareness and teamwork.  In the end, this enables PWS to fulfill our goal of providing The Ultimate Customer Experience. 

We encourage you to view our site, visit our facilities and join the PWS team!