PWS purchasing policies also stipulate the purchasing of environmentally friendly products. Our policy explicitly states that the environmental impact and durability take precedence over price when purchasing consumables. Furthermore, all paper products, PWS collateral and giveaways must be environmentally friendly. Key examples are:

  • 100% recycled (Post consumer waste 90% of the time) copy paper, business cards, Folders, brochures, signage, etc.. We pay extra for custom runs using 100% post consumer recycled paper and soy inks. We do not even compare pricing with non-recycled products; we accept the extra cost as part of our operating expense.
  • 100% post consumer recycled toilet tissue, facial tissue and paper towels. PWS has also purchased high efficient Dyson Air blades for our restrooms and removed paper towels.
  • PWS has been purchasing Organic cotton T-shirts for 10 years. These shirts are stylish, comfortable and also screen printed with water based inks.
  • Promotional products are all eco friendly and include:
    • Pens made from recycled tires and newspaper and pencils made from recycled newspaper.
    • Coffee cups and luggage tags made from corn.
    • Letter openers and water bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.
    • Coasters made from recycled tires.
    • USB flash drives. These are not recycled, but the intent is to reduce paper use and provide a product that is used again and again.
  • PWS Green Cleaning Program requires the use of Greenguard certified products for all cleaning.
  • PWS has an Integrated Pest Management policy that advocates prevention first and then the use of environmentally responsible pest products last.
  • PWS purchases FSC or SFI certified wood whenever possible for our crating facility. We also design packages to reduce packing materials and purchase the most environmentally responsible packing supplies possible without reducing product protection.
  • PWS is a member of EPA Smartway and has achieved the highest level of sustainability for our vehicles. We keep our equipment new and efficient to ensure that we are utilizing the most effective vehicles for our operation.